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Discover God’s
Plan For Marriage

Discover God’s
Plan For Marriage

Our Vision

We are a ministry fueled by the faith of God’s people; believing in the miracles of today—restored marriages, healed families, transformed lives, and the reconciliation of society that God intended marriage to be between one man and one woman.

iLove Unbreakable Marriage Class

Sundays at 8:30am
This class is designed to build on biblical principles that will show you how to apply God’s Word to your marriage in a very real and relevant way.
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About Us

We’re a marriage ministry promoting marriage restoration and reconciliation based on the biblical principles of faith and marriage. To achieve this, we provide marriage and pre-marital counseling and support. We want to show you how to DIVORCE PROOF your marriage! Learn more

couple at the pool

Unbreakable Retreat

Have an amazing fantasy retreat with your spouse! For any married couple who desires a richer, fuller life together. Singles are welcome to attend. Information about the next retreat coming soon.

Derek and Debra Williamson
Derek and Debra Williamson

Who We Are

Pastors Derek & Debra Williamson are on fire for marriage! Are you? We are on fire about God’s plan, purpose and design for marriage. What do we mean by that? Well, we believe marriage is a sacred blood covenant entered into, before and blessed by, God. We believe marriage is the foundation of family, and if the marriage is healthy, it will enrich each family member in spiritual ways. We believe that God gave marriage to His church, not the world. We believe the beauty of marriage is; we choose it and if we feed and nurture it, it will not only work, but thrive. Quite simply, to us, our marriage is Unbreakable!