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Marriage Enhancement


Marriage Enhancement

National Association of Marriage Enhancement

NAME, the National Association of Marriage Enhancement, is a non-profit organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona which trains and certifies couples to be biblical marriage counselors in their home churches. NAME has launched more than 200 marriage-counseling centers in 10 countries. NAME counseling centers offer free nouthetic counseling to couples who are seeking marriage or pre-marital counseling services. For more information on NAME, please visit their website at

If you are struggling in your marriage, need a marriage tune-up or pre-marital counseling, please call 480.325.0794 or contact us.

To request counseling, download the form and fax to: 866.443.9517 or contact us for our email address.

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How to Become a Certified Marriage Specialist (CMS)

The Unbreakable Marriage Ministry recognizes an immediate responsibility to help couples begin to build and sustain better marriages, and families, and to help restore those marriages threatened by divorce.

  • Is God calling you to “Do Something” in this ministry utilizing your spiritual gifts?
  • Are you a spiritually mature couple (NOT PERFECT)?
  • Have you been married a minimum of THREE years?
  • Do you have a heart to help couples prepare for marriage, repair their marriage or enrich their marriage?

If you answered yes to all these questions, please complete the CMS Application for both you and your spouse and return it by fax 866.443.9517 or contact us.

Unbreakable Marriage Ministry Opportunities

  • Couple to Couple Marriage Counseling
  • Premarital / Marriage small group leader

We fully understand many have a heart for couples but their gifts are behind the scenes, we need you as well please contact us for more info, looking forward to serving alongside you.

Ministry Descriptions and Details

Position: Certified Premarital Counselors

Complete & return the CMS Application
Complete the online NAME Care Couple Training
Curriculum: Book: Care Couple Training (12 DVD Series)
Minimum Commitment: Once weekly

Position: Certified Marriage Specialists (couple to couple counselors)

Complete & return the CMS Application
Complete the Online NAME, Care Couple Training
Curriculum: NAME Care Couple Training (12 DVD Series)
Minimum Commitment: Counseling a minimum of two sessions weekly

Position: CMS Marriage Mentors (Sexual Addictions, Blended Families)

Complete and return the CMS application
Minimum Commitment: Lead two marriage small group sessions per year

Thank you for your interest to join our team of Certified Marriage Specialists!

For further information on our Certified Marriage Specialist Counseling Couples Ministry and request a CMS application please contact us.